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Reclaimed Wood in Delaware

The expert salvagers at E.T. Moore travel up and down the Eastern Seaboard to salvage the rich supply of Sinker Cypress and Heart Pine that would otherwise go to waste. The Architectural Historian of Colonial Williamsburg and other high-profile clients have recommended our work over the decades. Discover how we supply reclaimed wood for Delaware customers and learn more about a massive 5-acre facility.

The Reclaimed Wood Experts in Delaware

E.T. Moore offers buyers across Delaware a wide variety of timeless and beautiful reclaimed wood products. From Reclaimed Heart Pine, Oak, and Spruce, to the magnificent Sinker Cypress, our wood flooring, lumber, bream, and mantels are of the highest quality and beauty you’ll find.

Some of the cities in Delaware that we serve include:

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Our huge selection of reclaimed wood flooring offers a unique appearance and timeless feel that will enhance any room or space. The durability and strength of this tongue and groove harvested selection will add tremendous and long-lasting value for many years to come.

We offer many options with our reclaimed wood floors, including wide plank flooring and custom sizes. Thanks to our skilled craftsmen, we’re able to ship most orders in two weeks or less.

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Grand Entrance with Heart Pine Flooring
A Grand Entrance With Heart Pine Flooring

Reclaimed Lumber

E.T. Moore has the reclaimed lumber you need for your Delaware home—whether you’re building a reclaimed wood wall, dining room table, kitchen countertops, or period doors.

Over the 50-years. we’ve perfected and refined our grading processes to ensure the highest quality and most consistent standards. E.T. Moore Jr. personally oversees the selection of timbers we stock and process.

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Montpelier Old Growth Cypress Shingles
Montpelier Old Growth Cypress Shingles

Reclaimed Wood Beams

We stock one of the world’s most extensive selections of reclaimed heart pine beams. With lengths of up to 40 feet and dimensions ranging from 4×4 to 13×17, our reclaimed wood beams fit almost any application.

These eco-friendly beams will be a focal point of your home as they tell the story of a bygone era. When you use our reclaimed wood beams in timber frame homes or post and beam construction, they offer the stability that’s not available in modern-day timber.

However, many people now use these reclaimed beams in non-structural applications to create the post and beam home look.

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Reclaimed Wood Great Room Beams
Reclaimed Wood Great Room Beams

Reclaimed Wood Mantels

A mantel can turn an ordinary fireplace into a showstopper.

Here at E.T. Moore, we have over 90 moulding profiles, so you have the flexibility to create the fireplace mantel surrounds of your choice.

Our wood beam mantels are offered in 4 finishes; rough sawn, hand-hewn, original finish, and surfaced. These finishes can range from a rustic wood mantel to a refined, modern fireplace mantel.

Whether you need a mantel for your timber lodge or coastal cottage, we have the perfect reclaimed wood for the job.

Reclaimed Wood Mantels

Reclaimed Oak Mantel
Reclaimed Oak Mantel

Reclaimed Wood Panels, Skins, & Shelves

Transform your home into a gallery with reclaimed wood plank walls and the beauty of heart pine.

Our refined grading processes and consistent quality standards help to ensure that our reclaimed wood walls, skins, and shelves are long-lasting, durable, and exceptionally beautiful.

p>Bring a unique look and feel to your room with reclaimed wood walls, skins, and shelves.

Reclaimed Wood Walls, Skins, and Shelves

Old Barn Wood look Using Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling
Old Barn Wood look Using Reclaimed Wood Wall Paneling

Our Facility

We maintain a large inventory at our large 5-acre facility in Richmond, VA. This allows us to closely match samples to meet your taste, style, and requirements.

We’re able to ship out products in around two weeks thanks to our proprietary processes and extensive inventory—versus the industry standard of six to eight weeks. Thanks to our forward-looking inventory management system, we’re often able to fill highly customized orders that no other supplier can.

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Reclaimed Wood Beam with E.T. Moore Stamp

Timeless Reclaimed Wood in Delaware

Whether your needs are heart pine flooring, antique flooring, mouldings, beams, mantels, and other reclaimed wooden components for your Delaware home. We’re here to be your one-stop shop for the very best in reclaimed wood products. With over 50 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with high-quality wood and some of the fastest lead times in the industry.