Winery using antique reclaimed large heart pine wood beams

Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Beams

Experience the old-world look and everlasting charm of rustic ceiling beams.

Decorative ceiling beams and timbers enhance the ambiance of any interior or exterior space. Their natural patina and imperfections create eye-catching focal points that elevate the room's visual appeal. The rich hues and textures impart a warm, historical, and rustic feel of a time gone by.

We offer a wide selection of authentic antique ceiling beams suitable for any architectural style. Select from various finishes to complement your desired aesthetic and create a personalized look for your space. Our artisan-crafted reclaimed ceiling beams will add unmatched beauty to your home, office, or project.

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Wooden Ceiling Beams

Old Rustic Heart Pine Beams

E.T. Moore stocks an expansive inventory of reclaimed wood ceiling beams in our 5-acre Richmond, VA, facility. We salvage our wood from century-old textile mills and other structures up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Our skilled craftsmen use a proprietary, multi-step finishing process to draw out and enhance the wood’s natural beauty and character.

We also offer faux wood beams that mimic the rustic look of antique timbers. Our talented artisans use our original finish board stock to wrap unsightly materials, such as steel and low-grade lumber. Faux options allow you to achieve the reclaimed look without the higher price tag.

Antique Heart Pine Wood Ceiling Beams

Rustic to Refined Ceiling Beams

We stock one of the world’s largest inventories of reclaimed heart pine beams. With lengths of up to 40 feet and dimensions ranging from 4×4 to 13×17, our Reclaimed Heart Pine beams fit almost any application.

These eco-friendly beams will be a focal point of your home that tells the story of past generations. Our reclaimed wood beams offer the stability modern timbers lack. This strength makes them ideal for timber framing and post-and-beam construction.

Many people now use these reclaimed beams in non-structural applications to mimic the post-and-beam home look. Contact us to learn more about our reclaimed wood beams for sale.

Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams and Sawn Skins

Four Finishes Available

Our Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Beam Styles

Here are some rustic ceiling beam examples for your home or office.

Original Finish Beam

Large Beam

Large Original Finish Reclaimed Beam

Original Finish Beam

Original Finish Reclaimed Beam

Original Finish Beam

Original Finish Style 2

Original Finish Beam

Original Finish Style 3

Original Finish Beam

Original Finish Style 4

Rough Sawn Beam

Rough Sawn Beam

Hand Hewn Beam

Hand Hewn Beam

S4S Planed Smooth Beam

S4S Planed Smooth Beam

*NOTE: All ceiling beams will vary in appearance and size depending on how, where, and when the reclaimed lumber was used over time. We would love to talk with you about our current inventory and how we can match the look you desire.

Faux Wood Beams

Steel and laminated beams are becoming more popular in the finished space of today's homes. Create a faux ceiling beam appearance of 100-year-old timbers using our original finish board stock to wrap the undesirable materials.

Faux Wood Beam Sample Image

Image Gallery Beams

3 Season Porch
Blue Ridge Mountains Rustic Custom Kitchen Wormy Chestnut
Custom Reclaimed Wood Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
Hand Hewn Beams Bedroom Ceiling
Hand Hewn Heart Pine Ceiling Beams
Heart Pine Hand Hewn Ceiling Beam
Library built using old reclaimed wood in New Kent, VA
New Kent Vineyards - Reclaimed Lumber
New Kent Winery - Old Rustic Support Beams
New Kent Winery built using antique lumber and materials
Painted Skins End Wall
Painted Skins Wood Wall
Reclaimed Douglas Fir Beams and Sawn Skins
Reclaimed Lumber in the Blue Ridge Mountains, VA
Reclaimed Wood Great Room looking into the Kitchen
Richmond Symphony House Porch Beams
Richmond, VA Porch Reclaimed Timbers and Beams
Santa Eulalia Hotel Real in Portugal
The Great Room's Orginal Finish Heart Pine Flooring
The Tobacco Company Renovation Reclaimed Wood
This Media Room is going to be Spectacular
Wormy Chestnut Kitchen Cabinets: Rustic Elegance by E.T. Moore

Why Choose E.T. Moore?

At E.T. Moore, we carefully hand-select the highest quality reclaimed wood beams from turn-of-the-century structures scheduled for demolition. We then take the raw material to our expansive 5-acre facility in Richmond, VA. Our artisans use a multi-step proprietary process to enhance the natural beauty of each antique wooden beam.

We offer lightning-fast shipping times, ideal for anyone working under a deadline. We can ship out most orders within two weeks, versus the industry standard of six to eight weeks. With 50+ years of experience under our tool belts, we’re the undisputed leader in heart pine and reclaimed wood.

Richmond Symphony House Porch Beams
the tobacco company wood beams

How to Purchase Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Beams from E.T. Moore

We strive to make it easy to view and buy our authentic reclaimed wooden ceiling beams. Start by calling our knowledgeable team to learn more about the current inventory. They can send you pictures by email to assist in making your selection. For the best experience, we recommend visiting our facility in Richmond.

We can arrange for professional delivery once you've hand-picked the perfect vintage beams for your project. Or feel free to schedule a pickup time to load your reclaimed finds on your truck. Our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you in selecting the perfect antique ceiling beams to achieve your vision.

Contact us today to begin your reclaiming journey!