Select Grade Heart Pine Kitchen Flooring Design

Reclaimed Wood in Brookside, DE

For over 50-years, E.T. Moore has been the Reclaimed Wood expert in and around Brookside, DE. Our work has earned us the recommendation of the Architectural Historian of Colonial Williamsburg and high-profile clients who want to marry tradition and the contemporary for a unique, signature look. Learn how we supply reclaimed wood flooring, beams, mantels, lumber and other high quality reclaimed wood products for customers in Brookside, DE.

E.T. Moore Reclaimed Wood Products

Beautiful durable and timeless wide plank flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Beautiful, durable, and timeless. You cannot beat the look of reclaimed wood flooring.

We offer many options with our reclaimed wood floors including wide plank flooring and custom sizes. With our skilled craftsmen, most orders ship in two weeks or less.

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reclaimed lumber in Virginia

Reclaimed Lumber

Whether your project is building a dining room table, kitchen countertops, reclaimed wood wall, or period doors E.T. Moore has the reclaimed lumber you need right here in Virginia.

E.T. Moore, Jr., personally selects the timbers to be stocked and processed at our facility that’s just minutes from Brookside.

largest selections of reclaimed heart pine beams

Reclaimed Wood Beams

Reclaimed beams are eye-catching, drawing your gaze up and completing the architecture of every space.

We stock one of the world’s largest selections of reclaimed heart pine beams right here in Virginia. With a range of finishes that suit all applications, our reclaimed wood beams are perfect for your application.

custom mill fireplace mantel shelf

Reclaimed Wood Mantels

At E.T. Moore, we’ll custom mill a one-of-a-kind fireplace mantel shelf for your home or business. No matter your preference for style, species, or color, we have or can source exactly what you need.

reclaimed wood walls skins and shelves

Wood Panels, Skins, Shelves

Create accents or change the look and feel of a room with reclaimed wood.

With our refined grading process and consistent quality standards, you can be sure that E.T. Moore’s reclaimed wood walls, skins, and shelves are long-lasting, durable, and exceptionally beautiful.

reclaimed heart pine mouldings hand-railings and stair components

Mouldings & Components

With E.T. Moore, the Brookside community has access to the largest and most complete selection of reclaimed heart pine mouldings, hand-railings and stair components in the nation.

We can also run custom profiles from hand drawings, CAD or samples and have them ready for delivery in two-weeks or less.

We Buy Wood in Brookside, DE

We buy wood from large demolished textile mills originating from the 1850s up to the early 1930s. We also buy from wholesalers in the Barnwood and large textile mill industry who can deliver or load up a truck that we send over.

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large logs ready for mill around Brookside DE

Transform Your Space With Reclaimed Wood

Enhance your space with the distinct beauty and durability of reclaimed heart pine, oak, spruce, hemlock or another high-quality, reclaimed wood option.

When museums throughout the country choose E.T. Moore, you can trust in choosing us too. Our 5-acre facility allows us to stock and source even the rarest reclaimed wood products, which is in part why we’re Brookside’s reclaimed wood expert.

Colonial Williamsburg Rockefeller Folk Art Museum
Colonial Williamsburg Rockefeller Folk Art Museum