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E.T. Moore is the country's premier source to buy high-quality reclaimed wood. Our heart pine lumber has withstood the test of time and meticulous scrutiny of countless homeowners—we’ve even earned a coveted recommendation from Colonial Williamsburg.

Throughout our 50-year history, we’ve refined our grading process to ensure the most consistent standards. E.T. Moore, Jr. himself personally selects the timbers we stock and process.

Whether you’re building a dining room table, kitchen countertops, reclaimed wood wall, period doors, or require lumber for a complete millwork package, you can count on E.T. Moore. Our vast inventory with multiple grades of in-stock lumber allows most orders to ship in two weeks or less.

The Beauty of Reclaimed Lumber

Reclaimed heart pine lumber offers an unsurpassed beauty you can’t get in any other type of wood. It partly owes its beauty to its age—many pieces are hundreds of years old.

Over that time, the wood has developed rich patinas that range from a light cream to deep burgundy color. The grain patterns are also unique and will vary from a wavy cathedral to a straight combed grain.

At E.T. Moore, we’ve developed a proprietary grading and reclamation process that begins at the salvage site. We scour the Eastern Seaboard to find Industrial-Era textile mills and other buildings slated for demolition. We then cherry-pick the best pieces and grade them by damage, grain density, and knot content.

We then truck the wood to our warehouse, where we resaw, trim, and grade again according to heartwood content, knot size/content, nail hole size/content, and grain density/orientation.

The end result is some of the most treasured and beautiful reclaimed wood on the market.

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Reclaimed Lumber Benefits

In addition to its stunning beauty, reclaimed wood offers many unique benefits:

  • It’s very stable in many different environments—making it ideal for fine millwork, furniture, and flooring. Paint, stains, finishes, and epoxies bond exceptionally well.
  • Reclaimed wood “moves” very little when the seasons change and is exceptionally stable when moisture changes. It’s low maintenance and has already proven it can survive for hundreds of years.
  • Heart pine's rugged durability creates a strong “wearability factor.” It stands up extremely well to dings, dents, and kids running into it at full speed.

The strength and durability of our reclaimed wood will stand up to the test of time for many decades to come. Our reclaimed lumber comes in multiple grains, grades, and options.

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Choosing Your Reclaimed Lumber

At E.T. Moore, we carry a massive selection of different patterns, colors, and custom options that will meet or exceed your tastes, style, and expectations. An investment in reclaimed wood is an investment in the charm, comfort, and value of your home.

Since all of our reclaimed wood is ethically sourced from Industrial-Era textile mills and factories, you’re adding unsurpassed beauty to your home in one of the most eco-friendly ways possible.

Our extensive inventory and quick shipping times allow us to match the original sizes and grades that you need to complete your project. Get in touch with us below to get started.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Reclaimed Lumber

A lot of labor and expertise goes into sourcing, transporting, and processing reclaimed wood to bring out its natural beauty. In addition, it takes hundreds of years for heart pine to develop its trademark look, color, and characteristics. The once-endless groves of reclaimed heart pine on the Eastern Seaboard are now gone. The only way to ethically source this precious building material is by demolishing Industrial-Era buildings and carefully salvaging the wood.

We have a 15,000-square-foot showroom in Richmond, Virginia. We welcome and encourage you to visit us during business hours.

We currently offer two economical heart pine grades: All Heart Nail Hole Heart Pine and No. 2 Heart Pine Flooring.

Real estate agents regularly list “reclaimed wood” as a selling feature in a home’s listing.

The vast majority of so-called “reclaimed wood” you find on the internet is sub-par lumber that pales in comparison to the beauty, strength, and durability of actual reclaimed heart pine. Insect infestations, poor quality, rusted nails, and delivery problems are all common issues you’ll encounter when purchasing seemingly inexpensive reclaimed wood online. “Caveat emptor” when an online deal on reclaimed wood seems too good to be true.

Reclaimed Lumber Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your heart pine flooring is relatively easy and low-maintenance. However, there are a few important considerations that will allow your new floor to continue to look great for hundreds of years to come.

NEVER EVER use “Swiffer” cleaning products on reclaimed hardwood. It makes it near-impossible to re-finish the wood. Instead, you can refresh the look of your floors (and protect the finish) with a product like Bonakemi USA WT760051163 Refresher.

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