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Celebrating 50 Years of Quality Products and Service

Beauty, quality, and history.

Most people want hardwood that looks amazing and lasts for generations. Unfortunately, premium reclaimed wood can be difficult to find. At E.T. Moore, we provide custom-ordered reclaimed wood that can't be found anywhere else and will give your space the “wow-factor” it deserves.

Founded in 1969, E.T. Moore has established itself as the world’s largest producer of vintage heart pine products. We recover the beauty of reclaimed wood to enrich and add charm to American homes, offices, restaurants and public buildings. As old mills and factories are brought down, we salvage and re-mill the heart pine beams, releasing the natural warmth and character of heart pine's rich patina, bringing new life to this noble American wood and enriching the new spaces it occupies.

old picture of lumber drying

Showcase the natural, unique beauty of aged wood.

reclaiming old logs for specialty lumber needs

Restorations & Renovations

The versatility of our beautiful heart pine has been demonstrated in a myriad of different architectural projects to preserve or restore treasured American landmarks.

  • Past restoration projects include Colonial Williamsburg, Mystic Seaport, Mount Vernon, and Monticello - each of which we provided reclaimed woods to their exact specifications to preserve the elegant, yet rustic look of these landmarks.
  • The Tobacco Company Restaurant of Richmond chose our heart pine flooring, beams, and stairs for a Victorian theme.
  • The Trellis Restaurant of Williamsburg also chose E.T. Moore heart pine for a perfectly blended look of old and new.
  • Our reclaimed wood has been selected for many other eighteenth and nineteenth century restorations, as well as the residences of five presidents.

So why are we America’s choice for restorations and renovations?

We inspect and handpick each piece of heart pine, to ensure the highest quality. Our milling precision enables swift installation and our vast inventory allows us to exactly match grades and sizes so that repairs are mistaken for original fabric. Call us today if you have a restoration project at hand.

Tour of E.T. Moore lumber yard
Lumber Yard and Mill Tour
The Tobacco Company Restaurant
The Tobacco Company Restaurant
old heart pine beam with stamp

From Colonial times to the Industrial Revolution to the present, heart pine can bring a rich piece of America’s past into our lives today.

Trust America’s ‘Heart Pine Specialist’

At E.T. Moore we strive for perfection and we take pride in being the best. This quest for perfection is most evident in our founder, E. Taylor Moore, Jr., who personally selects each heart pine beam to be processed at our facilities. Since 1969, we’ve measured our success by the brilliant spaces you create with our vintage wood and the acclaimed restoration projects our wood has been a part of.

taylor moore selecting heart pine lumber

Areas We Serve

E.T. Moore supplies customers across the country with our beautiful reclaimed wood products. From coast to coast, our Heart Pine and other reclaimed wood species have won the hearts of architects, custom home builders, and high-profile clients.

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