Old Schoolhouse with old lumber salvaged by ET Moore

We Buy Reclaimed Wood

E.T. Moore buys reclaimed wood from large demolished textile mills and wholesalers. We’re looking for quality beams, joists, and decking that’s in excellent condition. If you have antique wood from your demolition or salvage project, give us a call or send an email with photos, quantities, and available species.

About the Wood We Buy

We buy wood from salvaged or demolished textile mills (15,000 SF up to 800,000 SF) built from the 1850s up to the early 1930s. We also buy from wholesalers in the Barnwood and large textile mill industry who can deliver or load up a truck that we send over.

To make it as easy as possible for you to sell us your wood, we will purchase raw reclaimed wood straight from your demolition site. We’re always looking for the following species:

  • Southern LongLeaf
  • Yellow Pine (AKA Heart Pine)
  • Reclaimed Oak
  • Reclaimed Chestnut
  • Rough Sawn Barn Wood Boards
old lumber in building prior to being demolished

Recover the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood and Give it a New Lease on Life

tearing down old barn with old wood

About the Acquisition Process

You probably have questions or wonder how the process works when you sell your reclaimed or antique wood.

If you have antique wood from a demolished barn or textile mill for sale, fill out the form below and include the quantity, species, and photos to get started.

If your textile mill or barn is still standing, you’ll want to take the following photos:

  • Pictures showing the full structure.
  • Pictures of the building exterior from a variety of wide angles.
  • Pictures of the interior from a variety of wide angles and close up.

You’ll also need to create a list of the sizes of the major beams, columns, floor decking, and roof decking. It’s helpful if you can provide building dimensions as well.

If we can use your wood, you’ll need to demolish the building by locating a reputable demolition contractor. If you prefer, we can make a recommendation as we have many contacts throughout the U.S. Then you’ll need to create a timeframe for razing the building, secure the necessary permits, and then start the demolition.

As demolition starts, prepare the reclaimed wood as listed below and arrange transportation to our facility. We can also send one of our trucks over to the demolition site for pickup.

If you still have questions, please send us an email or fill out the below contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

textile mill lumber yard wood for sale
Neatly stacked bundles of newly reclaimed wood
old warehouse with reusable lumber
Wood beams, columns, and decking of an older warehouse

We will purchase raw reclaimed wood straight from your demolition site

Preparing Your Reclaimed Wood for Sale

In order for us to use the wood, it needs to be prepared. So we ask that all sellers do the following things before we purchase your reclaimed wood:


Prepare the decking, roof, and floor timbers as follows:

  • Separate roof and floor timbers for processing.
  • Remove all surface metal consisting of large nails, lag bolts, angle iron, and fasteners, etc., and clean timber before stacking.
  • Lag bolts shall be “backed out,” not cut off.
  • Nails and bolts shall not be “driven in” or broken off.
  • Timber shall not be “dropped” to prevent cracking and shattering of the wood.


We also need similar sizes and lengths of timbers to be bundled, stacked, and banded in units of 42” – 48” wide and 24” – 36” high.


If you have a barn or textile mill that’s still standing, we cannot buy the wood until you or a contractor of your choosing performs the demolition and prepares it as listed above. If you have questions about this process, contact us first for more information.

Tour of E.T. Moore lumber yard
Bundles of reclaimed heart pine beams ready to ship
Tour of E.T. Moore lumber yard
The E.T. Moore team restoring reclaimed wood

Sell Us Your Reclaimed Wood

At E.T. Moore, we specialize in buying high-quality reclaimed wood, and we’re a top wood buyer in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast part of the country. If you have antique wood, an old barn, or a textile mill slated for demolition, please contact us below for more information. We’d love for you to sell us your reclaimed wood.

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