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Reclaimed Wood Flooring Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your antique wooden floors looking as beautiful as the day they were first installed can seem like an uphill battle. It often feels like your floor is a magnet for dust bunnies, scraps of food, and pet hair.

At E.T. Moore, we often get asked, “how to clean reclaimed wood floors?” The short answer is that maintaining an antique floor is very similar to traditional wood floors.

However, there are a few things that we advise our customers to do to ensure the longevity of their investment. Read on to learn more about how to clean antique wood floors.

Preventative Care for Reclaimed Wood Floors

Preventative care is the first line of defense for maintaining investment, and it’s part of how to protect reclaimed wood. The finish and unique patina are susceptible to damage from a wide range of elements. Here are several tips to take into consideration: Humidity

Certain types of reclaimed wood, such as antique heartwood, have excellent moisture resistance and “move” very little with seasonal changes. Other wood species require that indoor humidity levels be kept at 30% to 50% and temperatures from 60° to 80°F, which helps prevent warping and movement throughout the year.

Reclaimed Heart of Pine Flooring in Dining Room

Food, Wine, and Liquid Spills

Clean up food and liquid spills as soon as possible. If necessary, use a slightly damp mop and gently wipe the wood floor dry of any residual water or liquid. The less time the liquid spends on your ground, the better, and the less likely for long-term damage to the wood.

Candle Wax and Chewing Gum

If you notice chewing gum or candle wax on your antique floor, take a few ice cubes and freeze the entire mass. Once frozen, use a credit card or plastic scraper and gently scrape it away bit by bit. You should be able to remove the wax or gum without leaving a permanent mark or stain.

Custom Built Dining Room with Edge Grain Heart Pine

Rugs and Carpets

UV rays from the sun shining through the windows can slightly alter the color of the wood over many years. It’s essential to occasionally move rugs and carpets to avoid getting different rug-shaped spots over time.

Try to avoid using plastic, rubber, or foam-backed mats as they could cause discoloration. Instead, use a high-quality vinyl rug underlay to prevent rugs and carpets from slipping when you walk over them.


Apply soft felt pads on the feet of your furniture and chairs to avoid scratching the floor finish. Make sure the pads are free from harsh chemicals or any “wonder materials” that could wind up ruining the rich patina.

Reclaimed Wooden Floor Maintenance

There are several crucial things that you should not do when it comes to cleaning your reclaimed wood floors:

  • Avoid using Swiffer cleaning products on reclaimed hardwood floors, as it makes it almost impossible to refinish the wood.
  • Do not use hardwood flooring cleaning machines or steam cleaners.
  • Do not use 2-in-1 cleaning solutions with polish that may contain acrylics or urethane polish to restore gloss.
  • Do not use oil soaps, liquid or paste wax products, or other industrial cleaners that contain citrus oils, lemon oil, tung oil, silicon, or ammonia.

Daily and Weekly Cleaning

Regularly sweep your floors with a soft-bristle broom. Fine sand, dirt, or grit particles from Fido’s or Mitten’s paws—or the kid’s soccer cleats—will act like sandpaper and create fine scratch marks in your floor’s finish. You may not notice it immediately, but these fine lines will catch the indoor light and seem like they’re magnified 10x in size.

You can also place doormats at the various entry points into your home. This will help remove some of the dirt and debris—but not all. This is why it’s advisable to ask family members and guests to remove their shoes, sports cleats, and high heels before walking on your floor.

Tiny grains of dirt, gravel, and sand particles can get trapped in the soles of shoes and create long scratches as that person walks on your floors. The same advice pertains to sharp animal claws—be sure to regularly trim your indoor pet’s nails to avoid damaging the finish or patina.

Family Room that Fits the Whole Family

Renewing Your Antique Wooden Floor

After a few years of use, you might want to renew the look of your antique reclaimed wooden floor. There is a wide range of approved finishes, stains, and sealers that will allow you to protect your investment while bringing out its natural beauty.

If you’re the DIY type, contact the flooring experts at E.T. Moore for customized advice on how best to apply and use renewal products.

Antique and Reclaimed Flooring from E.T. Moore

At E.T. Moore, we’re one of the largest reclaimed wood manufacturers on the Eastern Coast. Founded in 1969, we strive to provide our clients with a wide range of beautiful antique heartwood and other types of wood flooring.

Our facility, large inventory, and proprietary reclamation methods ensure that we have what you’re looking for and can match any sample that you provide. Click below to learn more.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring
Author Taylor Moore III
Date March 10, 2022

Case Study: Wright Brothers National Memorial Renovation

E.T. Moore completed a high-profile, challenging, and complex renovation project for the Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor’s Center. This job required strict adherence to an unprecedented 11-page spec sheet that called for large quantities of extremely rare wood delivered under very short lead times.

Wright Brothers National Memorial

Managed by the National Park Service (NPS), the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, commemorates the first flight achievements of Wilbur and Orville Wright. The on-site Visitor’s Center was originally built in the 1960s and had fallen into disrepair over the decades.

The NPS hired the contracting firm Group 3 to remodel the Visitor’s Center back to its original specs. Group 3 reached out to E.T. Moore to undertake the massive job of providing rare and specialized wood for the internal/external siding and wood benches while ensuring compliance with strict LEED standards.

The Challenge

This job presented E.T. Moore with several concurrent challenges. For starters, the National Park Service wanted the new Visitor’s Center to receive a coveted and hard-to-obtain LEED Certification, which certifies environmental friendliness. This meant that only old-growth and local Cypress trees could be sourced.

However, there was a catch—the trees used in the restoration could only be found reclaimed. This meant that the buyers at E.T. Moore had to procure old-growth, local Cypress, and LEED-Certified lumber within a 500-mile radius of the job site.

The Visitor’s Center required extensive wood siding, so much so that delivering it all in one shot would be impossible due to the limited onsite space. The siding also required an exact match of a very old style and unique shiplap pattern.

The LEED Certification inspectors also placed heavy demands upon E.T. Moore. They were required to adhere to a very strict set of rules and material requirements. All materials had to be LEED-Certified Green Materials; otherwise, they could not be used.

The Solution

E.T. Moore perfectly matched the interior and exterior Cypress shiplap samples and produced 7,500 lineal-feet of siding for the renovation project. Due to the large size of the E.T. Moore facility, they manufactured everything at once and then stored it for incremental shipments to the job site.

This process meant they could easily adhere to the strict timelines and provide as much wood as the project required. If something were to go wrong, the depth and inventory of the facility would enable a very quick turnaround.

The team at E.T. Moore decided upon delivering a few weeks’ worth of wood at a time. Because it was a restoration, they didn’t know exactly how much wood needed to be replaced until the project was completed.

As it turns out, more wood was required than they had originally anticipated. Thanks to their large inventory and streamlined shipping processes, E.T. Moore was easily able to meet this increased scope of work.

The buyers at E.T Moore sourced the rare Cypress wood from trees that had fallen into a nearby swamp 600 to 1,200 years ago. Over the centuries, the wood pulled from the swamp had developed a substance called cypressene, making them extremely durable and ideal for LEED Certification projects.

The Results

Throughout the 5-month project, E.T. Moore continually met the rolling deadlines with multiple shipments. The project came in on budget and the renovation moved forward as planned. In total, the Visitor’s Center at the Wright Brothers National Memorial required over 1.5 miles of reclaimed wood!

Shortly after completion, the Wright Brothers National Memorial received a LEED Gold certification. Group 3 and the National Park Service were very pleased with the results, and the renovated Visitor’s Center at Kitty Hawk now stands as a proud testament to the accomplishments of Orville and Wilbur Wright.

Let E.T. Moore Supply Your Next Project

Founded in 1969, E.T. Moore is one of the largest reclaimed wood manufacturers on the East Coast. Our large facilities and extensive inventory mean that we can match any sample and provide your project with premium reclaimed wood. Contact us to learn more!<

Author Taylor Moore III
Date December 1, 2021

Our 50th Anniversary Reclaimed Wood Sale!

To celebrate 50 years in business, we’ve scoured our warehouses to find some very special items to make available to our past customers at never before seen savings.

We will be offering these specialty items over the next few months starting with Tidewater Heart Pine. I hope the unique historical character of these fine, mater crafted wood products will inspire you with ideas you can use to add to the character of your home.

Timewater Heart Pint for Sale

Heart Pine

$6.25 sq. ft. (23% off!!)

This reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring grade is in limited supply. It is very popular for flooring, walls, ceilings, and paneling. In the early 1900’s, the material was originally used as pilings for the US Naval Pier in Washington D. C. and was salvaged in 2001. The earth tone colors impregnated into this lumber tells the story of its past service to our country.

View Flooring SelectionView Lumber Selection

Hickory Lumber for Sale


$7.25 sq. ft.

Our Hickory Flooring was sourced from logs and timbered in New Kent County, Virginia. This gave us the ability to control the entire sawing process from logs to flooring. Noted for it's durability, wear resistance and character with it's deep brown heartwood to a creamy white sapwood makes hickory flooring an excellent choice in family homes.

NUmber 2 heart pine for Sale

Number 2 Grade
Heart Pine

$7.25 sq. ft.

This excellent antique Heart Pine grade is popular in cabins, beach houses, and homes built with a Rustic or country look The blend of colors with its varying knots and nail holes reminds you of its past history. This is one of our most economical grades of reclaimed heart pine.

Our designers can help you explore how you can incorporate this material into your home enhancement project. Give them a call at 804-231-1823

Author Taylor Moore III
Date June 28, 2019

NWFA Master Craftsmen Training

E.T. Moore Manufacturing Inc. and the National Wood Flooring Association have partnered to bring customized training to you with their “Jigs and Medallions” master class!

NWFA Craftsmen working on heart pine floor design

Enhance Your Knowledge and Technical Training Close to Home

Master Craftsmen Training For the artists and enthusiasts in the wood flooring industry- a course taught by the industry’s most prestigious instructors along with Dr. Daniel Cassens, Professor of Wood Products at Purdue University.

On November 2-3, Gain deeper understanding about:

  • The science and sustainable use of wood
  • Hardwood color issues, mechanical properties, and hardness
  • Unique wood qualities and characteristics
  • Hardwood lumber grading and the lumber drying process
  • Tour E.T. Moore’s facility

On November 4-6, Advance your skills in:

  • Creating decorative pieces using unique wood qualities
  • Producing jigs to reproduce medallions and decorative inlays
  • Drawing and reproducing straight line medallions
  • Take home the medallions you create
    (The medallion value equals the cost of the class.)
Fancy floor design made from heart pine lumber


Three years experience and previous attendance of an Advanced level training.

Receive four CCU’s

Receive four CCU’s upon successful completion of training NWFA Training Events At E.T. Moore Manufacturing Inc.

Final custom woodworking wood floor design

Registration Fees:

Master Craftsmen Training: November 2-6 Registration Fees:

  • $975 for non members
  • $875 for NWFA members
  • Early Bird discount before October 19th

Register Today

Call 800.422.4556 or Visit: https://nwfa.users.membersuite.com/home

Dr. Dan Cassens, Professor of Wood Products at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources from Purdue University to present for us at the November school at ET Moore. Dan has a Ph.D from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in wood science. He worked at US Forest Products Lab with Regis Miller, the predecessor to Dr. Alex Wiedenhoeft. He has quite the Vitae, and will be an excellent opening to the school we have scheduled.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date August 26, 2015

Building With Reclaimed Wood, Viniterra Model Home

richmond parade of homes winner
Best Curb Appeal Richmond

This home is designed by William E. Poole, from Wilmington, North Carolina. He is a well seasoned architect who by trade has visited and studied all forms of early American architecture from Natchez, Mississippi thru and to Nantucket, Massachusetts. He is the only architect in America to be licensed to copy and interpret Colonial Williamsburg Buildings for today’s modern living advances, while being true to classical design.

parade of homes gold award

This Nantucket shingle style home is reminiscent of an eighteenth century New England Coastal home that could withstand harsh winters as well as sun, sand and water year round, but architecturally practical, orderly, and pleasing to the” eye”, as they used to say.

parade of homes

Parade of Homes 2014 Winner

  • GOLD
viniterra staircase

This home is being crafted by E. T. Moore Homes, LLC which is a small family owned business that specializes in creating “one of a kind” custom homes that bring together timeless design and a multitude of reclaimed building materials, modern technology, tried and true old world technology, and lastly, a lot of hands on workmanship and attention to detail to achieve a finished product that is seldom seen in today’s super paced society. The founder, E. Taylor Moore, Jr. (who lives only four miles away) visits the project almost every day. He will work with any homeowner or personally select and, in house, manufacture all of the homes finest millwork materials. Mr. Moore has forty years experience in the building and reclaimed wood business.

heart pine family room
master bath award

A sampling of specialty building products include:

  • Reclaimed wood mould sand cast handmade bricks
  • Specialty 16″ wood siding shingles
  • Repurposed heart pine porch columns and beams
  • Brazilian walnut porch steps
  • Custom mahogany doors with beveled glass
  • Custom exterior fascia, soffit, window and door trim
  • All Flashing to be 16 oz. copper; custom site bent.
  • Reclaimed and custom flooring of heart pine, spruce, hickory, lyptus, oak and or cherry accents
  • Stairs to be antique heart pine and mahogany
  • Interior reclaimed ceiling beams in kitchen and great room
  • Moulding including base, shoe, flooring, chair rail, window and door casing, all custom profiles of various reclaimed woods
  • All stainless kitchen appliances
  • Custom shop made cabinetry out of reclaimed woods

Square Feet
5,000 s.f.

From Richmond: 64 East to exit 211. Go left off of ramp and follow signage 1.5 miles to Viniterra.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date October 14, 2014

E.T. Moore Open House & NWFA Intermediate Installation

Wednesday, May 7
4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

E.T. Moore Manufacturing Inc.
3100 N Hopkins Rd., Suite 101
Richmond, VA 23224


NWFA logo

Attend the E.T. Moore’s Open House and see product demonstrations from NWFA manufacturers, meet company representatives, and win prizes.

There is no cost to attend the OPEN HOUSE and no RSVP required.

NWFA Intermediate Installation and
Sand & Finish School - MAY 6-9

May 6 – May 9

E.T. Moore Manufacturing Inc.
3100 N Hopkins Rd., Suite 101
Richmond, VA 23224

Jay Daniel Moore, CISF
Antique Floors LLC
Richmond, VA

$595 for NWFA members

E.T. Moore Manufacturing Inc. partners with NWFA to provide you with quality training.

Wood Sanding Lessons

E.T. Moore Manufacturing Inc. has partnered with the National Wood Flooring Association to bring customized training to you. Enhance your technical skills with training close to home.

Intermediate Installation and Sand & Finish is a four-day training event covering different topics and hands-on experiences at an intermediate level.

hardwood floor instllation

Sharpen your installation skills, including job-site evaluation and preparation, installation techniques, safety, custom entry-level borders, and medallion installations.

school for floor installation

Training features a hands-on approach to installing unfinished and factory finished wood floors, including thorough training of installation methods for nail-down, glue-down and floating floors.

Learn how to incorporate simple design elements, allowing you to offer your client a custom wood floor while increasing your portfolio. Learn basic job-site tool set-up and maintenance.

See You There!

hardwood flooring professionals


Watch last year’s NWFA Expert Sand and Finish School at work!

Author Taylor Moore III
Date March 7, 2014

NWFA Expert Installation / Sand & Finish School

E. T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc. hosted the NWFA Expert Installation / Sand & Finish School at our facility on Dec 4 – 12 2012. We supplied American Cherry, Lyptus, and End Grain Heart Pine to create the field. The center medallion was created with Hard Maple, and Black Walnut. The finish is Synteko conversion sealer, Synteko Best 20, Synteko Best 50.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date January 16, 2013

E.T. Moore Homes Viniterra Custom Home

E. T. Moore Homes is a wholly owned subsidiary of E. T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc. and turning your dreams into reality is what we set out to accomplish from day one. We listen to your desires, needs, and ideas and then with beautiful designs by one of our recommend, award-winning architects or by a designer of your choice, combine them with exceptional value and long-lasting quality materials.

Our goal was to choose a European old world style home that we could freely and liberally incorporate many of our own specialty building materials. All of our employees that worked full time on the project have an average of 25 years’ experience with construction and antique building materials. We feel as though the unique combination of old world materials and craftsmanship created a finished product that is unparalleled.

Viniterra Custom Home

Exterior Site

  • Lot Selection
  • House Orientation
  • Pool; wrought iron fenced
  • Outdoor kitchen with fireplace
  • Circa 1810 hand cut granite English flower station
  • Professional landscaping
  • Mature trees

Exterior Home Features

  • Roof – Old growth, quarter sawn red cedar shingles with 5″ exposure (instead of 10″)
  • Metal Flashing – Custom Made; All 16 OZ pure copper, open valleys, hips, cheeks, sills, headers, transitions, and window framing
  • Rafter-tails – Custom designed old growth reclaimed red cedar ogee decorative soffit supports. All roof eves “kicked up” 15° in the European manner with timber terminations.
  • Siding, Vertical – Reclaimed rare Atlantic White Cedar boards covered with red cedar battens.
  • Siding, Horizontal – Custom made juniper “live edge” lap; reclaimed – applied with handmade wrought iron nails. Please Note: Both siding applications are more costly than typical brick applications.
  • Windows – Custom made Weather shield European style casement; aluminum exterior, triple mullion and insulation. Custom maple interior.
  • Dormers – Oval top, copper covered; cheeks covered with handmade “fish scale” shingles
  • Porches and Veranda – Reclaimed heart pine oversized columns and beam supports braced by hand cut mortise and tenon curved braces. Floor surface, reclaimed fire brick surrounded by South American cumaru wood.
  • Steps – Circa 1896 hand cut sandstone, reclaimed
  • Exterior Doors – 8 Sets; 1 3/4″ thick x 6′ 8″ tall mahogany French doors. All glass insulated and beveled. All jambs custom made with reclaimed heart pine.
  • 3-Car Garage – True custom made raised panel, remote operated doors with arch tops. Reclaimed wood. All wood mold sand-cast brick reclaimed (c. 1830′s) laid in true Flemish bond and raked joints covering entire garage with copper covered reclaimed wood lentils.
  • Garage Accoutrements – European gable end “birdhouse overhang”; Copper lined, handmade flower box supported by protruding ogee brackets; Copper cupola – 11′ tall 3 stage hand rolled, crimped, and soldered copper.
  • Roof Vents – 8 European attic hand crafted functional copper vents.
  • Chimney Caps – Imported from France; 24″ x 36″ handmade vented copper, integrated with massive 3′ x 6′ Flemish brick chimney.

Interior Home Features

  • Flooring – All reclaimed plank heart pine, South American lyptus and cherry incorporating boarders, feature strips and rhombus patterns in contrasting grain orientation by nationally known flooring installation and finish expert.
  • Great Room & Master Bedroom – Vaulted 18′ x 15′ ceilings accented with 6 x 6 reclaimed beams.
  • Doors – All doors solid mahogany, two double raised panels with European arched top. All premium figured wood. All jambs custom made heart pine.
  • Wall Thickness – All exterior walls 6″, interior walls 4″, 6″ and 12″ thickness for old world feel and additional insulation.
  • Wainscot – Master bedroom, great room, and dining room finished with circular-sawn reclaimed original finish heart pine paneling.
  • Casing – All window and door, two member custom milled trim with back band, heart pine.
  • Trim – Base, shoe, chair rail, all reclaimed custom milled.
  • Closets – All custom made with local reclaimed eastern aromatic red cedar.
  • Kitchen – Sub Zero refrigerator, Bosch dishwasher, icemaker, wine cooler, microwave, imported French “CornuFe” cast and enamel professional cook stove.
  • Kitchen – Custom fabricated copper hood and backsplash, custom designed cabinetry with antique wood, soft close hardware, under counter lighting, tree member crown tops.
  • Kitchen – Counter Tops – Butcher-block style (reclaimed rock maple from bowling alleys) with walnut double profile edge treatment, copper sink and faucet ensemble in massive island.
  • Kitchen – English two tiered beamed ceiling over kitchen and breakfast nook.


We will work with your builder or architect to provide the industries finest materials.

For more information visit our website, etmoore.com or call Ashley Moore or David Jackson at 804-231-1823.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date August 12, 2012

Pinterest Images

We will be posting images here that would be interesting on Pinterest

Sinker Cypressold growth cypresstidewater red cypress
This Surfboard was built by our customer to be displayed in a Nags Head Beach House
Sinker Cypressold growth cypresstidewater red cypress
Our customer’s can create anything
heart pine door reclaimed heart pine
Hotel Side Entrance door to Grande Real Santa Eulália Hotel
We supply material to restore and replicate many of the outbuildings and structures on George Washington's estate
We supply material to restore and replicate many of the outbuildings and structures on George Washington’s estate
cumaru deck beach house deck
Cumaru Deck in Va. Beach
heart pine timberheart pine beam heart pine flooringviniterrastaircase
The New Kent Winery was built by E. T. Moore Homes with 80% reclaimed materials
heart pine timberheart pine beam heart pine flooringviniterrastaircase
heart pine timber-frame and select edge grain flooring
heart pine timberheart pine beam heart pine flooringviniterra
The sales center at Viniterra was built created with antique heart pine timbers and reclaimed heart pine number 1 grade flooring
reclaimed heart pine table antique heart pine table trestle tableorginal finish
Reclaimed Heart Pine Trestle Table
reclaimed heart pine table antique heart pine table trestle tableorginal finish
Reclaimed Heart Pine Trestle Table
reclaimed heart pine door antique heart pine door
Heart Pine columns and beams frame the entrance to the dining hall
The View from the Grande Real Santa Eulalia Hotel Door in Algarve Portugal
The View from the Grande Real Santa Eulalia Hotel Door in Algarve Portugal
reclaimed heart pine door antique heart pine door
The Grande Real Santa Eulalia Hotel Room Door in Algarve Portugal
Reclaimed Brown Board Heart Pine TableTop
This is Reclaimed Brown Board Heart Pine Table Top that we custom made for a client. Our Cabinet Shop can turn dreams into reality!
Author Taylor Moore III
Date May 1, 2012

Pit Sawing Reclaimed Longleaf Heart Pine Flooring

E. T. Moore MFG was asking to pit saw 400 SQ FT of Reclaimed Long Leaf Heart Pine flooring for a museum. This is all vertical reclaimed heart pine flooring, the pit sawn face was gauged and undercut facing the floor joist and not walked on. To reduce the number of cuts, we cut the lumber on our German Sash Gang Sawmill to 3 inches and pit-sawed them in half to the desired 1 1/2 inches. Here at E. T. Moore, anything is possible

Author Taylor Moore III
Date March 5, 2012

Rothesay, the 2010 Richmond Symphony Designer House

We are proud to deliver this house over to the homeowners. We are currently looking at designs to start a second house in the near future. Not only do we manufacture all of the building components from antique heart pine flooring, reclaimed beams with antique connection hardware, cabinets, siding, and shingles, our constructions division, E. T. Moore Homes can build the entire package for you. The relationship of manufacturing and building gives us insight and flexibility that few reclaimed lumber dealers and general contractors could ever achieve at the same budget levels.

green building, antique heart pine, reclaimed lumber
The antique brick, and heart pine timbers blend beautifully together.
Green building, reclaimed beams
Front Exterior Elevation
Reclaimed wood cabinet, heart pine, antique wood kitchen, kitchen
These kitchen cabinets were custom designed with select edge grain heart pine rails and styles, original finish panels, and reclaimed bowling alley for the counter tops
Heart pine, reclaimed flooring,
A rhombus patterned floor with antique heart pine and lyptus
reclaimed flooring, endgrain floor, heart pine, heart pine flooring
End grain flooring made from reclaimed heart pine beams
heart pine beams, heart pine timber, heart pine flooring, select grade flooring
Our select grade heart pine flooring blends beautifully with reclaimed timbers and original finish wainscot
antique heart pine, reclaimed timber, reclaimed flooring, rustic,
The original finish floor blends beautifully with the reclaimed beams and custom cabinets
Reclaimed timber, antique heart pine beams, recycled countertop
The counter top is reclaimed bowling alley. The darts and dot are visible on the end.
Custom cabinets, heart pine beam, heart pine cabinet,
Custom designed and built kitchen
Heart pine mantel, rustic beams, original finish, heart pine flooring
Our original finish flooring and antique heart pine beams
Author Taylor Moore III
Date February 3, 2012

The Model House Completion

John K. George did an amazing job transforming Rothesay’s Kitchen for the 2010 Richmond Symphony Designer House. We donated and helped design all of the material to build the Coffered Ceiling. Be sure to look at the before and after pictures.


Antique Fir, Antique Heart Pine Beams, antique timer

The antique heart-pine beams match well with the antique fir paneling. The fir paneling is only 3/8″ thick.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date February 1, 2012

The Model of Viniterra

The Model home, in Viniterra, is nearing completion. The artisans of E. T. Moore Homes are reviving lost traditions in home building and design. Not being satisfied with the quality of many material and components, we choose to manufacture them our self. In the kitchen we custom designed and built the cabinets, and even the copper vent hood above the stove. The counter tops were made from recycled bowling alleys and incorporated the original dots and arrows. In the foyer we installed the floor using a pattern of three diamonds, to create a hexagon; Cad programs were utilized to manufacture the perfect sized diamonds, resulting in even spacing around the perimeter of the foyer. The front and rear steps were reclaimed sandstone window lentils. Throughout the house, we incorporated a very popular product, Original Finish Antique Heart Pine. These boards are specifically chosen for the patina and rustic look to coincide with the French Country architecture. We are proud of this home’ s materials and construction as it sets the standards for the Viniterra Community.

model home
old lumber
barn wood
heart pine lumber
flooring made from heart pine
reclaimed barn wood
strong heart pine lumber
rustic kitchen using old wood
beautiful kitchen with heartpine
Strike up your next meal while sipping on award winning NKW merlot
Strike up your next meal while sipping on award winning NKW merlot
Originial Finish Heart Pine trim with a Medium Backband
Original Finish Heart Pine trim with a Medium Back-band
Details of our custom made cabinets
Details of our custom made cabinets
Antique Sandstone Lentils repurposed as steps
Antique Sandstone Lentils repurposed as steps
Author Taylor Moore III
Date October 11, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg Armoury Crown Moulding

This antique heart pine was hand selected especially for the armory project. We are very proud to help Colonial Williamsburg save and restore a piece of American history.

Webcam of the armory construction

Colonial Williamsburg Lumber Supply
Planing shed at Colonial Williamsburg End Grain View of hand planed crown moulding
Colonial Williamsburg Armory
The new Armory under construction at Colonial Williamsburg
heart pine colonial williamsburg armoury antique heart pine reclaimed lumber
End Grain View of hand planed crown moulding
Author Taylor Moore III
Date September 5, 2011

18th Century Laptop

Heart Pine Antique Laptop
Antique Heart Pine 18th Century Laptop

This Antique Heart Pine laptop used for writing in the field during the 1700′s and 1800′s. The portable desktop measures 20″ x 36″ and weight’s only 2 pounds. It’s surprisingly comfortable to use. Long Leaf Heart Pine was the wood of preference to use because of resistance to warping. Rediscover the past and stop by our showroom to see the uses of this reclaimed lumber throughout history.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date March 19, 2011

Model House Update

Reclaimed Timbers Beams
Old Growth Western Red Cedar Roof



We have some great shots of our Western Red Cedar Roof and Juniper live edge siding. We are applying a specialized oil, on the roof shingles, that was referred to us by Mt. Vernon

Author Taylor Moore III
Date March 17, 2011

Donated space to Meals on Wheels serving Richmond, Va.

We are proud to donate distribution space Meals on Wheels Feedmore. They are currently running 12 routes serving an average of 15 meals per route, that’s 900 meals per week right here in Richmond, Va.

Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Meal on Wheels distribution space
Author Taylor Moore III
Date March 1, 2011

MT. Vernon

We will be delivering Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine materials to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate tomorrow to rebuild slave quarters and gates.

This is just one of many Historical treasures that E.T. Moore supplies premium materials.

This will not be part of any “stimulus package” as they did it the old fashion way; they EARNED it.

Author Taylor Moore III
Date September 22, 2010

New Housing start for E. T. Moore Homes LLC

We are breaking ground in Viniterra. We are excited to be a part of this great project. Our new home for sale on lot 88, will be custom created by E. T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc., from the footers to the roof shingles. We plan to use a combination of Antique Heart Pine, Reclaimed chestnut, Chinese Elm and other rare woods for Flooring, Beams and millwork. Old growth sinker cypress and live edge Juniper for siding and exterior trim framing the antique brickwork. Please check for progress on this magnificent home.

Viniterra Blog

Author Taylor Moore III
Date August 27, 2010

New Kent Winery in National Magazine Traditional Building

We are proud of the New Kent Winery being published in the national magazine Traditional Building. See how our construction and manufacturing company’s team up to build this green building out of reclaimed materials

Author Taylor Moore III
Date August 24, 2010