E. T. Moore Facility in Richmond Virginia

Our Facility

Discover how our craftsmen carefully restore the natural beauty of antique wood and transform it into one-of-a-kind building materials.

We Give New Life to Old Wood

Our 5-acre facility in Richmond, VA., is where we process reclaimed wood into beautiful flooring, moulding, and wood paneling with unique and highly desirable wood grain patterns.

The extensive inventory allows us to create a consistent grade while matching your existing flooring. We can fill most orders in around two weeks, thanks to the large amount of reclaimed wood that moves daily through our pipeline.

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Reclaim history and discover the natural beauty and legendary durability of antique wood

Our Process

At E.T. Moore, we pioneered a proprietary process of refurbishing old wood and bringing out the stunning natural beauty of this rare building material.

Here’s how we do it:

  • After our specialists hand select the most desirable wood from the demolition site, we carefully load it onto our trucks and ship it to our Richmond VA. facility.

Upon arrival, the wood gets unloaded, sorted, and graded. It then goes through a six-step process:

  • Denailing — We use a wide variety of custom hand tools, such as hammers, chisels, crowbars, sledgehammers, wrenches, socket sets, pliers, end nippers, and side cutters to meticulously remove all of the surface metal. We then take a metal detector and check it again, looking for and carefully removing “buried” metal with a specialized hammer and chisel. Finally, we check for moisture to ensure each piece is of the utmost quality.
  • Sawing — Our expert graders visually look at each piece of wood and use a proprietary formula to determine the best way to saw and maximize the yield for standard 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, and 8/4 lumber. We then use our Esterer and Woodmizer custom saws for our rough-sawn products.
  • Straight Lining — We trim the edges of defects and maximize each board to the widest of our width standards. Finished piles are then stacked to uniform widths and heights. We then check for moisture a second time for quality control purposes.
  • End Trim — We trim the ends of each board and remove any defects, grade according to our grading standards, and then stack finished piles to uniform widths and heights.
  • Stored to width and grade — We keep anywhere from five to ten tractor-trailer loads of material in this stage as rough boards.
  • Product creation — Finally, we send the prepared reclaimed wood through the molder machine to create custom flooring, moulding, and paneling.
Esterer Custom Saw
Esterer custom saw
E T Moore worker denailing a large heart pine beam
removing nails from reclaimed beam
tractor and trailer hauling lumber
hauling lumber to shipping yard

The E.T. Moore Advantage

Over the decades, we’ve perfected our internal refurbishing processes to support our customers better. Choosing E.T. Moore for your reclaimed wood needs offers several unique benefits.

The sheer physical size of our 5-acre facility means that we have a lot of inventory. This is important as it gives us the ability to better provide a custom match for your existing flooring, increases the number of options we have on hand, and enables us to get orders shipped out quickly. We also dedicate half an acre of basement space that stocks ready-to-ship wood.

Our fast shipping times are ideal for anyone who’s in a time crunch. Our proprietary processes and extensive inventory allow us to ship out products in around two weeks—versus the industry standard of six to eight weeks. Thanks to our forward-looking inventory management system, we’re often able to fill highly customized orders that no other supplier can.

plaining old wood to look new

Our fast shipping times are ideal for anyone who’s in a time crunch.

Discover the Timeless Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

At E.T. Moore, we offer an extensive selection of reclaimed wood. From flooring to moulding to paneling, we can custom match your existing wood and offer expedited lead times over the industry average.

See what customers from all over the world are building with E.T. Moore's antique wood.

Kitchen island built with reclaimed barn wood