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What makes E.T. Moore a unique custom home builder? It's that our company is also the Manufacturer of antique products ranging from flooring, paneling, moulding, cabinets, exposed beams, counter tops, and more! This concept of “custom homes” has now been taking to another level unmatched by any other builder. Let our 35 year construction experience build or add to your homes fullest potential using our products. See what E.T. Moore Homes has done for the New Kent Winery and the estate homes of Viniterra.

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  1. The Armand

    The Armand

  2. The Bridgewater

    The Bridgewater

E.T. Moore Homes, LLC is a small family owned business that specializes in creating "one of a kind" custom homes that bring together timeless design and a multitude of reclaimed building materials, modern technology, tried and true old world technology, and lastly, a lot of hands on workmanship and attention to detail to achieve a finished product that is seldom seen in today's super paced society. The founder, E. Taylor Moore, Jr. (who lives only four miles away from Viniterra) visited the project almost every day. He will work with any homeowner or personally select and, in house, manufacture all of the homes finest millwork materials. Mr. Moore has forty years experience in the building and reclaimed wood business.