Antique Lumber

Old Growth Tidewater Pecky Cypress Lumber

Old Growth Tidewater Red Cypress is one of the most durable exterior woods on the market due to the high cypressine content. Pecky cypress is durable and useful where water tightness is unnecessary, and a novel effect is desired. Its interior uses include paneling, trim, cabinetry and furniture. The rough-cut lumber is slow-cured. First outside for 6 months like they did 100 years ago and then moved to our passive solar kiln for 6 additional months.

Old Growth Tidewater
Pecky Cypress



97% Heart Wood content & better


Knot content 2” and smaller is moderately infrequent, they will not to exceed 3% of Total surface area

Grain Density

Very dense grain; 12- 50 rings per inch

Grain Pattern

Plain, Rift and Quarter Sawn


Material is graded on 1 side only. Grading of wood is lot specific, not piece specific; i.e, the total overall look

Graded Two-Faces

Option Material is graded on both sides, allowing for window and door stock


2- 16-feet random
Custom Lengths Available


3- to 12-inches random
Custom Widths Available

orders ship in two weeks or less