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Reclaimed Antique Flooring

Experience the rich patina, unique beauty, and rugged durability of Reclaimed Antique Flooring.

orders ship in two weeks or less

E.T. Moore sources our highly prized Reclaimed Antique Flooring from Industrial-Era textile mills, old barns, and agricultural buildings along the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest. We then carefully ship the salvaged wood to our facility, where it undergoes a proprietary refurbishing process that brings out its stunning natural beauty.

Throughout our 50-year history, we have refined and developed the best grading process for our flagship product, Antique Flooring. Thanks to our skilled craftsmen and processes, most orders ship in two weeks or less.

orders ship in two weeks or less

The Beauty of Reclaimed Antique Flooring

Reclaimed Antique Flooring offers a wide variety of rich colors and deep patinas. The unique grain patterns can vary from a straight comb to wavy cathedral grain, and colors can range from light cream to deep burgundy.

We use a proprietary grading process that selects only the best reclaimed wood at the salvage site. Raw materials are separated and graded by knot content, grain density, like sizes, and demo damage.

Once the raw wood arrives at our facility, we resaw, trim, and grade again according to knot size/content, nail hole size/content, heartwood content, and grain density/orientation.

This thorough process allows us to match almost any samples you provide while bringing out the distinct beauty characteristics of each piece of antique reclaimed wood.

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The Benefits of Reclaimed Antique Flooring

Reclaimed antique flooring offers a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • It possesses a natural beauty and character that’s near-impossible to find in modern wood flooring.
  • There are various colors, grain patterns, and rich patinas to choose from.
  • Overall, it is harder, stronger, and will hold up many times better than today's lumber and composite materials.
  • Reclaimed wood is the ultimate recyclable. Reuse of this material started because its quality far exceeds today's lumber.
  • This naturally helps to limit deforestation by completely utilizing this finite renewable resource.

The durability and strength of this tongue and groove harvested selection will add long-lasting value for many years to come. We have many reclaimed wood floor options, including wide plank flooring and custom sizes.

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Choosing Your Reclaimed Antique Flooring

E.T. Moore offers the discerning buyer a wide variety of unique antique flooring materials to choose from. We stock many species of reclaimed flooring, such as:

  • Heart Pine
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Eastern Spruce
  • Hemlock
  • Oak
  • Redwood
  • Chestnut
  • Poplar
  • Cypress
  • Chinese Elm

Our large 5-acre facility allows us to closely match samples to meet your taste, style, and requirements. From reclaimed wide plank flooring to more custom options, we carry a wide selection of reclaimed antique flooring.

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Ready to Start Your Reclaimed Antique Flooring Project?

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Reclaimed Antique Flooring

Our buyers travel the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest looking for antique wood from textile mills and barns slated for demolition. We hand select only the finest pieces of wood and then ship them back to our facility, where they’re refurbished according to our proprietary processes.

Click the link to learn more about the demo and salvage process and some of our sources of reclaimed wood.

Our extensive inventory allows us to ship out products in around two weeks—versus the industry standard of six to eight weeks. Contact us for more details.

Yes, we can often determine the grade and species of floors from pictures. However, we may request that you send us a floor sample to assist with our research process.

Yes, we welcome you to visit our 15,000 square foot showroom in Richmond, Virginia. There you can see our beautiful reclaimed wood flooring, lumber, mantels, and beams in species like heart pine, cypress, spruce, oak, and more.

Visit our Showcase to see images of what other people have done with our reclaimed hardwood flooring.

Reclaimed Antique Flooring Care and Maintenance

Reclaimed wood requires similar care and maintenance as traditional wood does. However, it’s important to refrain from using harsh chemicals when cleaning your floors. We offer a wide range of sealers, stains, and finishes that will allow you to protect your investment while bringing out its natural beauty.

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