Reclaimed Heart of Pine Flooring in Dining Room

Reclaimed Antique Lumber, Specialty Wood, and Heart of Pine

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Discover the stunning beauty, rugged durability, and many options of specialty and sustainable flooring from E.T. Moore.

Specialty and sustainable flooring offer a wide range of highly customizable grades that are not available in your local flooring store. At E.T. Moore, we construct them from environmentally-friendly materials that provide superior protection from rot, weather, and insects.

We can also blend various grades to create your desired result—including custom width and length options. Our specialty and sustainable flooring are just as beautiful and strong as reclaimed flooring—yet are less expensive. We also have new growth offerings that we procure from select locations around the country.

Throughout our 50-year history, we have refined and developed the best grading process for our flagship product, Heart Pine Flooring. With our skilled craftsmen and process, most orders ship in two weeks or less.

The Beauty of Specialty & Sustainable Flooring

The key to the visual charm of sustainable and specialty flooring options is our ability to create a wide variety of customized grain patterns that include:

  • Plain Sawn or Live Sawn—We make the first cut on a tangent to the circumference of the log. There is often a cathedral pattern to the grain and prominent growth rings at a 0 to 35-degree angle.
  • Rift—Also referred to as a radial grain, rift grain can include vertical or unique linear grain patterns with 30 to 60-degree angles of growth rings.
  • Quartered—We cut the log into quarters that produce growth rings at a 60 to 90-degree angle. Quartered sawn is one of the more desirable grain patterns as it’s dimensionally stable and easier to work with.

The Benefits of Specialty & Sustainable Flooring

Specialty and sustainable wood flooring is extremely durable, offers long-lasting value, and is generally less expensive than reclaimed wood. We can mix, match, and blend many grade variations to achieve the look you’re after—including length, width, and grain pattern options.

Choosing Your Specialty & Sustainable Flooring

What makes sustainable and specialty flooring so unique is that there are very few design limitations. Our strong industry relationships and decades of knowledge allow us to purchase anywhere from premier growing regions in the county. We also can “plug in” to hardwood mills at any level of the process.

If you’re looking for flooring for high wear areas such as kitchens and foyers, we generally recommend a harder option, such as Hickory. This will allow your new floor to stand up better to the daily foot (and paw) traffic.

For instances where your desired species isn’t available in the wood grain pattern that you’re looking for, reach out to us, and we’ll let you know if we can create a workaround.

Ready to Start Your Specialty and Sustainable Flooring Project?

  1. Red Oak

    Red Oak

  2. Lyptus


  3. Sale


  4. Accoya


  5. New Growth Cypress

    New Growth Cypress

  6. NEW!
    New Growth Heart Pine

    New Growth Heart Pine

  7. NEW!
    New Growth Pine Number 1

    New Growth Pine
    Number 1

  8. NEW!
    New Growth Pine Select

    New Growth Pine

  9. Rustic White Oak

    Rustic White Oak

  10. American Cherry

    American Cherry

  11. American Ash

    American Ash

Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout Specialty & Sustainable Flooring

We ethically source our new growth offerings from select, trusted, and premier growing locations around the country.

Generally speaking, it’s easier for us to produce, and we can create similar lengths and widths.

Contact us with the species, grain pattern, and other relevant information. One of our experts will get back to you with your available options.

Choosing Your Specialty & Sustainable Flooring

Here are a few floor maintenance and care tips that will help you protect and enhance your investment

  • Cleaning is very similar to how you would clean traditional hardwood flooring.
  • Avoid using “Swiffer Wet Jets” and other products at all costs. Instead, use a soft-bristle broom, and be sure to clean up any sand or gravel as they can get trapped in shoe soles and scratch the finish.
  • Do not use commercial or home mechanical devices. You can irreparably damage the floor this way.
  • There are many wood stains, finishes, and sealers that you can use to beautify and care for your new floor.
  • Be sure to clean up any liquid spills as quickly as possible with a damp rag.
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