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Why Reclaimed Wood is the Best Wood Floor for Kitchens.

A newly renovated kitchen with reclaimed wood flooring, which is the best wood floor for a kitchen.

Reclaimed wood flooring brings natural beauty, warmth, and a unique character to any interior space—but will it stand up to the everyday rigors of kitchen use? Yes! Here’s why choosing quality reclaimed materials can give you the best wood floor for your kitchen.

Taking the Heat: Reclaimed Wood Flooring for Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and a natural gathering place for family and friends. It’s a vibrant, busy area where it’s worth investing a little extra on durable, premium materials that you’ll come into contact with every day.

Family kitchens can be a demanding environment with heavy foot traffic, higher heat and humidity from cooking, and plenty of wear and tear from inevitable bumps, scrapes, spills, and drops. While homeowners appreciate the unique beauty of reclaimed wood floors, many wonder if it’s suitable for the rigors of everyday use in the kitchen.

In fact, reclaimed wood sourced by a reputable supplier has proved its strength and toughness as the preferred material for flooring in buildings used as factories, warehouses, and schools. It’s ready for the next chapter of service, bringing beauty and durability to your kitchen.

Put Down a Marker for Quality

Whether you’re installing original recovered flooring, a more engineered solution, or E.T. Moore’s custom-milled tongue and groove products, here’s why well-sourced and treated reclaimed wood is a great material for your kitchen floor.


Reclaimed woods are by definition durable woods. Chosen originally for their strength and toughness as heavy-duty flooring or construction materials, these are often higher quality, old-growth woods that have stood the test of time over decades or even centuries. Treated properly, they will continue to handle years of everyday kitchen use.


The best reclaimed woods, such as original East Coast heart pine, boast tight grains and long fibers that give flooring superior year-round stability. When treated and installed properly, these woods offer resistance to swelling, shrinking, or movement unmatched by many other natural materials —even when exposed to the elevated heat and moisture of the kitchen environment.


The natural spring and slight give of genuine elevated hardwood flooring provide a surface that is a delight to walk on and more forgiving on the back and legs, especially if you spend long hours on your feet preparing food in the kitchen. Look for long pieces of high-quality reclaimed wood for the best results.

Easy to Clean

High-quality reclaimed pine and other smooth, tight-grained reclaimed woods make a naturally easy-to-clean flooring ideal for kitchens. When treated with durable modern finishes, most floors can be vacuumed or swept and treated with a damp mop as required. Use a light natural cleaner to remove minor scuffs.

 beautiful wood floors in an eat-in kitchen

Easy to Maintain

The more you invest in a wooden floor, the easier it will be to maintain. Investing in good quality wood flooring will increase the durability of both traditional treatments and modern finishes as well as give you a surface that’s suitable for refinishing in the future.

Warm and Inviting

Wood adds a delightful touch of nature to any interior. In a kitchen, it’s ideal for softening the exposed steel or hard edges of contemporary appliances and modern design.

Timeless and Always in Fashion

Kitchen design is constantly changing and once hip concepts can fade quickly. But premium wooden flooring never goes out of style, especially if it comes with the built-in pedigree of reclaimed wood. Choosing genuine reclaimed wood flooring helps to “future-proof” your kitchen design and therefore is a great long-term investment in timeless style.

Wood Wears Well

Good reclaimed wood offers great durability and resistance to wear but is not impervious. It’s important to realize that even the best quality woods will begin to wear over time, especially in a busy area like the kitchen. Part of the unique appeal of reclaimed wood is this record of everyday life, both past and present, left behind in the texture of the wood itself.

That said, there are a few things you can do to keep your reclaimed wood kitchen flooring looking better for longer:

  • Choose a matte rather than high-gloss finish to hide minor scratches and marks
  • Choose engineered or precision-milled products for maximum durability and stability
  • Choose a reputable supplier like E.T. Moore who knows how to source, treat, and finish the finest quality reclaimed woods.

The Best Wood Floor for the Kitchen

nail hole heart pine kitchen floors

Reclaimed wood flooring brings to your home both proven durability plus a particular beauty and patina that reflects its unique past. When you choose to install reclaimed wood flooring at the heart of your home—and to use, maintain and even restore it over the years—you’ll be adding your own chapter to an ever richer story.

E.T. Moore is one of the largest reclaimed wood manufacturers on the East Coast. We specialize in turn-of-the-century reclaimed heart pine flooring and other high-quality antique hardwood products. We offer:

  • A wide selection of quality off-the-shelf reclaimed wood floorings
  • Custom matching from our unrivaled on-site stock of reclaimed lumber
  • Custom milling and molding services
  • Decades of experience in sourcing and grading the best reclaimed woods

Click below to learn more about how E.T. Moore can help you find quality reclaimed flooring that meets all of your expectations.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Author Taylor Moore III
Date February 22, 2023