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Reclaimed Wood Barn Door Design Ideas.

Reclaimed sliding barn door

The durability, toughness, and strength of high-quality reclaimed wood make it a smart and practical choice for a wall covering. Its natural warm and timeless character makes it a beautiful material to surround yourself with. Here are some reclaimed wood wall ideas to get you started.

Reclaimed wood barn doors have become a popular design feature in apartments, lofts, and homes in recent years. Mounted on sliding hardware, barn doors offer a great way to separate spaces while adding visual appeal to any interior — especially when teamed with the natural charm of reclaimed wood.

Get Style on Track With a Genuine Reclaimed Wood Barn Door

You don’t need a straw hat or a room big enough to drive a wagon through to appreciate the charm and practicality of a barn door. This robust design option has as much to offer in a small apartment as it does in an expansive room. Here’s why choosing a barn room for your space is a great choice straight out of the gate.

A Barn Door?

Yes, that’s right! This is a door of almost any size mounted on wheels or rails so it slides aside horizontally to allow access to, well, almost anywhere. Originally designed to enclose the full width of a working barn, the indoor versions are especially popular for separating dining and living areas or closing off a bathroom or walk-in closet from a bedroom.

old barn door inside new home

Versatile, Practical

There are a couple of reasons why barn doors can be such a smart and versatile choice for many different spaces:

  • Any size: The sliding design of a barn door means it does not need to fit into a frame. In fact, a door can be built almost any size, provided there is space for it to slide into.
  • Compact: This also means a door does not need to swing into a room to open, freeing up valuable usable floor space for furniture.

As a result, barn doors are a great way to close off larger entryways or areas in more expansive spaces or anywhere you’d usually have to use double swing doors. You just need enough space on one side of the entryway for the entire door to slide into, or half the space on either side for a split door solution.

Barn doors are also a smart way to free up valuable usable space around doorways in small apartments or en-suite bedrooms where every square foot counts.

Brace Yourself

So, aside from the practical advantages, what makes a barn door special? The distinctive cross-bracing of a traditional barn door adds both strength and style to a frame of any size. For the full “down home” farm effect, choose between:

  • A "Z-Brace" or "Z-Style" barn door, which features diagonal planks in a "Z" pattern on the front of the door, held together with a diagonal brace on the back.
  • A "Double X" or "Double Crossbuck" design featuring horizontal planks with two diagonal crossbars, creating a distinctive shape on both sides of the door.

Not ready for that much farm charm in your midtown loft or understated new build? No problem. The natural strength and relative lightness of wood mean barn doors are now available (or can be built) without the traditional visible bracing.

Style and Substance

That said, it’s the distinctive use of materials that makes a classic barn door stand out. Above all, it’s a design that calls for the effective use of wood, and nothing adds a touch of authentic rural or post-industrial charm like high-quality reclaimed wood.

A reclaimed wood barn door is not only a practical addition to your home but also a sliding pallet that adds natural texture and visual appeal to your living space. The look of your barn door is a combination of the wood you choose, the way it is painted or treated, and the hardware you use to mount and move it.

old barn door inside new home

Whether you are buying your reclaimed wood barn door or having it built from scratch, the story it tells is up to you. Here are some other popular styles to get you started.

  • Traditional Rustic: This design features a simple, classic look with a rustic touch. The door is made from natural wood and may have a weathered or distressed finish. The hardware is often made of wrought iron and can be simple or decorative.
  • Modern Minimalist: This design is sleek and simple, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The door is often made from natural wood with a smooth, polished finish and the hardware is usually simple and understated.
  • Farmhouse Style: This design has a cozy and charming feel, often featuring painted wood in a pastel or muted color, with decorative molding or trim. The hardware is often decorative, with black or bronze finishes.
  • Industrial Chic: This design features raw materials such as reclaimed wood and metal, with a more industrial and edgy look. The door is often made from a combination of wood and metal and the hardware is usually black or dark metal with an industrial feel.
  • Barn Style: This design is meant to mimic the look of a traditional barn door. The door is often made from natural wood and may have crossbars or decorative details. The hardware is often a sliding track system with large, visible wheels.

The Right Design for You

These design styles are just starting points. Ultimately, the design of the barn door should reflect your personal style and preferences. It's important to choose a design that you love and that you'll be happy with for years to come.

old barn door in apartment loft

Here are some important considerations to bear in mind as you plan your door and the space it will fit into:

  • Timelessness: While some designs may be trendy now, it's important to consider whether the design will remain popular in the future. Choosing a timeless design that will stand the test of time can be a smart choice. For example, a simple, classic rustic design or a traditional paneled one may be more timeless than a trendier industrial or minimalist design.
  • Coherence: It's important to consider how the design of the barn door will fit in with the overall aesthetic of the space. Will the design complement the existing decor or clash with it? Make sure the barn door design aligns with the style and tone of the room or home.
  • Durability: Since barn doors are often used frequently, it's important to ensure the design is sturdy and durable enough to withstand regular use. Choosing a high-quality reclaimed wood and hardware will help ensure the barn door lasts for years to come.
  • Functionality: Consider the functionality of the barn door design and whether it will meet your needs. For example, a barn door with a large amount of glass panes may not provide enough privacy, while a door with intricate carvings may be difficult to clean.

Reclaimed Wood: A Doorway to the Past

Choosing high-quality reclaimed wood for your barn door combines form and function with warmth, matchless durability, and timeless elegance.

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Author Taylor Moore III
Date April 21, 2023