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Sutherland Welles
Warm Pine Stain

Add a bit of warmth to your heart pine with this high quality warm pine stain. The Sutherland Welles Warm Pine Stain is a popular choice for heart pine owners looking to warm up the look of a room by enhancing their wood's tone but keeping it's classic antique 'old world' appearance.

Location Type
Interior Surfaces
Formulated with Polymerized Tung Oil, a touch of varnish, low toxic mineral spirits and aniline dyes.
Depends on dilution. Use the square footage for the second coat of Sealer as an approximation. 35-50 sq. ft. per pint, 150-200 sq. ft. per quart
Units Available
1 Quart (946 ML)
1 Pint (473 ML)

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