Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Circle Sawn Flooring


Our Circle Sawn Antique Lumber and Flooring is created with our circular saw mill and can be applied to all of our lumber. This process cuts an authentic irregular pattern in reclaimed or new lumber to achieve a worn rough sawn look. After installation, stains can recreate the look of 100 year old barn board flooring.



Heart Wood content & better


Grain Density

Grain Pattern



Material is graded on 1 side only for patina. Grading of wood is lot specific, not piece specific; i.e, the total overall look


1-foot to 12-feet nominal


3- to 7-inches random

Orders ship in two weeks or less

Options & Upgrades

Custom Lengths

Specific Lengths Available

Custom Widths

Specific Widths Available

Image Gallery

Circle Sawn Hemlock With Dark Stain
Circle Sawn Hemlock With Waterlox
Circle Sawn Select Heart Pine With Dark Stain
Circle Sawn Spruce With Waterlox
Circle Sawn White Oak With Dark Stain
Circle Sawn Number 2 Heart Pine With Dark Stain
Circle Sawn Spruce With Dark Stain

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