Reclaimed Lumber

Number 1 Heart Pine Lumber

Number 1
Heart Pine

This Antique Heart Pine grade is popular for flooring and paneling. It is generally used for a kitchen, den or family room.



85% Heart Wood content & better


Knot content of 2½” and smaller is somewhat frequent and tight but it will not exceed 2% of total surface area

Grain Density

Normal grain; average 6 Rings per inch and better

Grain Pattern

Plain, Rift and Quarter Sawn with various grain patterns


Nail-hole content of ¼” and smaller with some clean bolt holes of up to ½” the total content will not exceed 1% of total surface area.


Material is graded on 1 side only. Grading of wood is lot specific, not piece specific; i.e, the total overall look


1-foot to 12-feet nominal


3- to 7-inches random

Orders ship in two weeks or less

Options & Upgrades

Custom Lengths

Specific Lengths Available

Custom Widths

Specific Widths Available

Graded Two-Faces

Material is graded on both sides, allowing for window and door stock

Image Gallery

Game Room Using Number 1 Heart Pine Flooring
Heart Pine Number 1 Grade Showroom Floor
Number 1 Heart Pine Bedroom Floor
Number 1 Heart Pine Living Room Floor
Reclaimed Heart Pine Number 1 Grade Living Room
Rustic Number 1 Heart Pine Kitchen Floor

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