Specialty Lumber

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

The Alaskan Yellow Cedar is only found on the Pacific coast of North America. It's the hardest known cedar and it prized by boat builder's for it's exceptional resistance to weather and insects. Builder's love it's easy workability for a variety of outdoor applications. The Alaskan Yellow Cedar is great for siding, decking, and general lumber uses.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar



100% Heart Wood content & better


Knot content very minimal. These logs were cut for an export veneer grade and are virtually knot free

Grain Density

Very Dense Grain; up to 50 Rings per inch and better

Grain Pattern

Plain, Rift and Quarter Sawn


2-feet to 14-feet
Custom Lengths Available


3- to 13-inches random
Custom Widths Available

orders ship in two weeks or less